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Registration Process


Rising 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Registration    Registration is held in the spring of each year, prior to the Spring Holiday Week.  Students complete course selection cards with the help of their teachers, guidance counselors, and parents.  For the rising 6th graders, middle school staff visits the Woodruff Elementary School to help answer questions and assist fifth graders with the process.  Fifth grade students also tour Woodruff Middle School in May.

Rising 9th Grade Registration    Rising 9th graders register in January of the school year.  The 8th grade class tours Woodruff High School, and students receive registration materials at that time.   A Parent Night is also scheduled by Woodruff High School during this time frame to provide additional information for students and their parents.

Students transferring to Spartanburg School District 4 should contact the appropriate school as soon as possible to complete the necessary student enrollment and course registration process.  



*New students transferring to the Spartanburg District Four should contact the School Office(864.476.3150) as soon as possible to enroll in school.  A student may not have a schedule until the enrollment process is completed.