Spartanburg School District 4 is pleased to provide student access to technologies that enhance and enrich the educational process.Providing access to Internet resources, classroom interactive boards and voters,media centers with automated cataloging systems, satellite instructional television programming, and well-equipped keyboarding and curriculum labs helps facilitate the learning process.Access to these forms of technologies is a privilege, not a right, and comes with expectations of appropriate actions and responsibility.

Acceptable Use

District 4ís goal in providing access to various technologies is to promote the teaching and learning process in our district.The purpose of utilizing technologies is to allow for an expanded opportunity to develop, practice, remediate and reinforce classroom skills.The use of technology in support of these educational objectives of the school district is the definition of acceptable use.

Students agree to:

q Use technology equipment only with permission from a teacher

q Not deliberately tamper with, vandalize, destroy, or steal technology equipment

q Not install any software to the network or to any individual computer

q Not delete, alter, or willfully corrupt network programming

q Not use technology programming or equipment for personal gain, for product advertisement, or for political lobbying

Internet Access

The Internet or the World Wide Web is an electronic highway linking computers all over the world.The Internet provides instant access to a wealth of current information and educational materials and allows for worldwide communication.

Students agree to:

q Use the resources for legitimate educational purposes

q Not view or download obscene or other inappropriate materials

q Not download files, images, or text to a printer, storage device, or hard drive without permission of the supervising teacher

q Use only the software provided by the district for Internet access

q Keep private any personal information about themselves or friends, such as name, address, or telephone number

q Correspond on Internet only with the direct supervision of a teacher and only by using a generic e-mail address provided by the teacher

q Be polite in all communications and use no abusive, profane, vulgar, or other inappropriate language

Penalties for Improper Use

q The use of all technologies in Spartanburg School District 4 is a privilege, not a right.Failure to follow the guidelines listed in this agreement may result in these privileges being denied.

q Disobeying the Technology Practices Agreement rules and guidelines carries the same consequences for misconduct which are set forth in the Student Agenda/Planner.